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13 May

How Startup Valuation Works [Infographics]

Startup valuation has always been a concern to entrepreneurs. How would you value something which has not made any money or just started weeks or months ago. A great infographics from funder and founders spread...

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11 May

25 Inspirational Mother’s Day Quotes

Woodrow Wilson proclaiming Mother’s Day a national celebration in the United States about 100 year back. I am certain what moms bring to our life is something we could not explain with words. Many have...

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05 May

Rethinking classical approaches to analysis and predictive modeling

Synopsis: The speaker will address the need to rethink classical approaches to analysis and predictive modeling. He will examine "iterative analytics" and extremely fine grained segmentation down to a single customer – ultimately building one...

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25 Apr

Looking out for Big Data Capital of the World

There have been numerous reports to identify which place provides the best ecosystem for supporting new technology. For laggards it is important to know the leaders. Study of an ecosystem where technology is thriving sheds...

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22 Apr

Surviving the Internet of Things

Synopsis: To date, we've largely deployed Big Data technologies to find value in data exhaust: the service data and logs generated from operating everyday services and platforms. But what happens when we increase the number...

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15 Apr

Using Topological Data Analysis on your BigData

Synopsis: Topological Data Analysis (TDA) is a framework for data analysis and machine learning and represents a breakthrough in how to effectively use geometric and topological information to solve 'Big Data' problems. TDA provides meaningful summaries (in a technical...

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14 Apr

3 S for Building Big Data Analytics Tool of the Future

There is a huge debate on what constitutes the Big Data Analytics tool of the future and many jump in the race to try their flavor of solutions or problem solving techniques that address many...

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08 Apr

Analytics Then and Now

Before we understand the current state and future of analytics, we should spend sometime understanding first recorded use of analytics system. Yes, analytics as a business process has it’s root since the day business practice...

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02 Apr

The Data Driven Road Less Traveled

To help better explain the topic, let me take a small detour; explain conventional big business paradox and why it a threat in today's economy. Remember the days when large businesses were coined 800-pound gorilla...

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19 Mar

Washington Post: Everything regarding MH370 [infographic]

Great job by Bonnie Berkowitz, Alberto Cuadra, Richard Johnson, Laris Karklis, Todd Lindeman and Gene Thorpe who pulled the information from NOAA, Honeywell, Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia and many news sources to bake this...

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10 Mar

Big Data Introduction to D3 [video]

Synopsis: D3.js is a Javascript library primarily used to create interactive data visualizations in the browser.  Despite its growing popularity and warm community, getting started with D3 can be tricky.  This talk covers the basics...

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02 Mar

AnalyticsWEEK Registration is now open

AnalyticsWEEK: Big Data & Analytics Track Monday, March 24, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM Track Information: The big data hype took off about three-years ago. A new era of data analytics promises tremendous...